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Nixie tube IN-12A/B


Nixie display technology has been introduced to the market in 1954 and it has been slowly abandoned during the 70's, because of introduction of LEDs.
But because of the beautiful design and handcrafted look, Nixie tubes are used more and more often in designer items and home appliances. Their light has beautiful color and it is comforting for the eyes.
This classical type of small Nixie tubes has not been manufactured for 40 years, so there is only limited supply on the market. We supply tubes that have been thoroughly cleaned and tested to reach the best quality and service life of 200000 hours. 

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  • Nixie tube is display component with low density of information. It is special kind of cold cathode lamp filled with mixture of gases where excitation of gas molecules to emit light. We can say that Nixie is special type of neon lamp, where cathode is shaped into specific symbol (digit, letter,...). One tube houses several cathodes and one common grid shaped anode.

  • 1x Nixie tube IN-12A/B

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